Dubstep in the style of Linkin Park – Royalty free

Linkin Park is famous for their melodic and energetic nu-metal. Lots of bands adapted this sound, like Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach. Linkin Park combines it with electronic music and samples. A great combination.

So let’s bring the nu-metal concept with electronic music a bit further. Let’s merge it with today’s populair Dubstep genre. A high energetic and bombastic electronic music genre that came from older genres like drum and bass and UK-garage and 2-step. It is heavy bass oriented, and besides what the most EDM genres do, not focussed on 4 beats in a bar at every single count. It is more broken, what makes it funky to.

What I did is used the scary intro sounds to introduce the track. Piano laying down notes, creepy noise and synths come up. Small drum and bass like drums come filtered in. Than the main song comes up. Heavy Dubstep Beats with a distorted rhythmic guitar riff, alternated with a heavy synthesizer.

The break builds up to a new verse with a techno beat. Screaming synths are added. Sometimes a heavy alternation of sounds for a more cluttered Dubstep sound.

You can get this Dubstep Nu-metal combinated song license free for your media project. Use it to make impact! You will grab the attention of your viewers and you can scare the hell out of them for a few minutes. Enjoy.

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