Combining Dubstep beats with Orchestral recordings

Raised with classical music I love the energy created by an entire orchestra. In the other, modern area of music there is dubstep with al lot of explosive sounds. After listening to a concert I came up with the idea to combine these two worlds.

I spent my bucks on a Orchestra sound pack and started looking for the parts that are pretty suitable with dubstep. The pack had some real nice recordings with the hollywood soundtrack feeling, like I was invited to a record session at the set for Jurrassic Park. This song is inspired on that kind of feeling:

The whole pack included material for three stunning Dubsptep Orchestra tracks. Loops with staccato horns, pizzicato strings and beautiful violins. Even a cello for a more creepy, horror sounding piece of music, called Apes of Cellos, I later renamed to Apes of Strings.


A hard part of the project was the mastering proces. These productions became the first tracks that I wanted to publish on Audiojungle. To get your tracks uploaded, they must be at least well mastered. So I dived for one month into mastering with the very helpfull ebook from iZotope about mastering. After every mastering session I put the final sounds on my smartphone and start to listen the tracks everywhere possible, to hear what it will sounds like in a car, on a home hifi set, on a bluetooth speaker and with earphones. Yes, it took me a month to figure out mastering, but the result was amazing.

To promote my tracks a little, I’ve put them on Youtube as well, to create a better feeling around the songs:

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