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As a eleven year old boy I started playing trumpet after my parents asked me what do you want to play for an instrument? Five years after studying and marching with the local fanfare, electronic music draw my attention. I started with Reason Propellerheads 4 on a Pentium computer in the  garage between the fridge and my dads tools. I was excited with the possibilities. I spent hours till late behind the computer. I dreamed about my own midi controller and a set of studio speakers. As soon as I earned some money, the music stores where the first who got it. I remember my happiness with the novation remote controller.  Turning the knobs to change the sound of a synthesizer without using a mouse or a keyboard.

My bethroom studio


Around six years later I felt again in love with my trumpet and started making acoustic music, inspired by great jazz trumpetists like Miles Davis. Together with other people in different combinations we played and improvised a lot music. Below an old concert.

Fuut @ Tholen Kunstroute April 2007 from Evert on Vimeo.

Since 2010 I started again with producing electronic music and started a lof of productions and experiments. I love the sounds of synthesizers, beats and instruments. On this blog I want to show you some highlights in my search for the music that I would love to listen and to show you.

You can find me on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/user/evert.b

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